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Riverboat Dave &
The Fur Traders
Our March 2015 Blues Boogie band is Riverboat Dave &The Fur Traders
with Dave Vasquez on  vocals & guitar, Jess Kunz on harmonica, Joe Welk
on bass, and Brian Mahoney on drums.

Originally from Southern California music scene, Riverboat has performed
venues such as the Pasadena Ice House, Hollywood's Whiskey and the
Troubadour in Santa Monica, along with gigs in countless nightclubs from
Manhattan to San Diego. With major influences from Bob Dylan, Neil Young,
James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, and the like, Dave's songwriting
has entertains many audiences. Currently Riverboat performs across the
Inland Northwest in Coeur d'Alene at the Wine Cellar, The Moose Lounge.
and the Coeur d'Alene Resort.

Jess Kunz is an award winning harmonica player, voted number one blues
harmonica by Inland Empire Blues Society members both in 2007 when he
was with Laffin' Bones and in 2011 with The Fur Traders. He has been on
stage with many talented musicians, too numerous to mention herein. Just
suffice it to say that he can really blow that harp with a whole lot of energy.

Talented bass player Joe Welk is considered a multi-instrumentalist, and he
is also a luthier.
Drummer Brian Mahoney hails from Southern California. He has been a
studio musician and spent many years as a Disneyland show drummer.

The group currently resides in Coeur d ‘Alene/ Idaho and performs mainly in
town. Their music is a mixture of ranging from blues to the Beatles, reggae
to country, with a splash of folk rock and jazzy blues originals. It' a great
blend of energetic and fun loving sounds. The band sometimes travels to
Washington and Southern California for special gigs and performances.

With the help of several talented musicians, the newest album Riverboat
"ONE" was produced in 2004 and has had tremendous response. Riverboat
is currently working on Riverboat "TWO" of a planned trilogy. He is also
gearing up to take the show on the road to Riverboat entertainment
establishments from New Orleans to the Coast of Washington and create
some parties in the Riverboat scene.
Riverboat Dave & The Fur Traders
photo by Bill Fowler