Reviewed January 2002
Ronnie Earl and Friends
TELARC Blues CD-83537
photo by: Tom Hazeltine

All Your Love; Rock Me Baby; I'll Take Care of You / Lonely Avenue; Mighty Fine Boogie; One More Mile; Bad Boy;
Twenty-five Days; No More; Last Night; New Vietnam Blues; Marie; Blue and Lonesome; Looking Good

The liner notes on this release made it clear that this is not a Ronnie Earl solo album, it's a full-on collaboration
between Ronnie and people he has known and loved for years. He's shared the stage with James Cotton and Irma
Thomas, played with Luther Johnson, and was Kim Wilson's roommate in Austin when the T-Birds were just taking
off. He's worked with David Maxwell for 25 years, and bassist Michael "Mudcat" Ward was on Ronnie's first solo
album in 1983.
This recording was done in three days with a minimum of preparation. A few songs were chosen beforehand, some
lyrics penned, but no arrangements were written, no plans made. Most of the songs on this release were done in
one take.
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson lent his great vocals and guitar to Magic Sam's "All Your Love" and Eddie Taylor's
"Bad Boy;" Irma Thomas shines on "I'll Take Care of You" and "New Vietnam Blues;" David Maxwell takes off on
"Marie;" James Cotton harps along with Kim Wilson on "Mighty Fine Boogie," "One More Mile," and "No More;"
Wilson rips on "Rock Me Baby," "Last Night" and "Blue and Lonesome."
Throughout this release you'll find Ronnie Earl's stellar guitar.
This is Ronnie Earl's return to the forefront of blues guitar. Sidelined for the last two years, Earl wondered if the
spirit of his music had left him. It has not.
This album is one of those that would make an excellent addition to your blues collection.
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