Reviewed November 2001

Jimmie Vaughan
Do You Get The Blues?
Artemis Records 751091-2
Jimmie Vaughan
photo by: James Minchin III

Dirty Girl; Out of the Shadows; The Deep End; Power of Love; Without
You; Let Me In; Don't Let The Sun Set; Robbin' Me Blind; Slow Dance
Blues; In The Middle of the Night; Planet Bongo

With Jimmie on guitar, George Rains on drums, Bill Willis on keys, and
guests like Lou Ann Barton, James Cotton, Greg Piccolo, Tommy Shannon & Chris Layton, this
is one hell of a recording.
Jimmie Vaughan has a spare, less is more style of guitar playing that is a pure pleasure to hear.
As Eric Clapton notes, "The first time I heard Jimmie Vaughan, I was impressed with the raw
power of his sound. His style is unique, and if I've learned anything from him, it's to keep it
In the mid 70s, Vaughan co-founded The Fabulous Thunderbirds with Kim Wilson. After eight
albums with the T-Birds, and the death of his brother in 1990, Jimmie retreated from touring and
recording, but in 1993 started working on his first solo release, Strange Pleasures. With his
1998 release, Out There his solo career garnered reams of critical acclaim, as one of his
songs, Ironic Twist, received a Grammy Nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.
On Do You Get The Blues?, Jimmie performs a rare acoustic slide, along with blues harmonica
legend James Cotton, in a tribute to Jimmie's friend and mentor Muddy Waters; shares vocals
with Lou Ann Barton on Power of Love and In the Middle of the Night; sets the mood with two
tasty instrumentals, Dirty Girl and Slow Dance Blues; a classic Texas blues shuffle, Robbin' Me
Blind; and son Tyrone Vaughan continues the Vaughan legacy by playing guitar alongside his
father on Without You.
You're gonna get your money's worth with Jimmie Vaughan. This is a superb release, add it to
your collection now!
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