Reviewed December 2001
James Montgomery Blues Band
"bring it on home"
Conqueroot Records CQR 1017
photo by: Barry Miller

Sweet Sixteen; The Sleeper; Dimples; Back On My Knees Again; Lovin' Cup; Bring It On Home;
Mona; Ramblin' Man; Juniors' Jump; Wedding Ring; Sinkin' Blues

On the liner notes, harpist James Montgomery reminisces about the blues men that he grew up
listening to, had taken lessons with, and played with. Each of the covers that he does on this
release has a story to go with it. One of his mentors, James Cotton, plays on Juniors' Jump and
Sinkin' Blues, the former a tribute to Junior Wells. Since mentors are basically the theme of this
release, the Sonny Boy Williamson tune Bring It On Home was chosen for the title, as Sonny
Boy was one of Cotton's mentors.
Dimples is a tribute to longtime friend John Lee Hooker, Sweet Sixteen is for Junior Wells, and
Lovin' Cup a tribute to Paul Butterfield, who was the cause of Montgomery playing Chicago
Blues, Mona for Bo Diddley. Two originals, Back On My Knees, and Wedding Ring. Montgomery
says, "When you're just a kid growing up in Detroit, running around seeing Blues legends,
starting bands, and hanging out with musicians, you never realize that the Blues really happens.
But it does."
Montgomery handles the vocals and harmonica, Marc Copley on guitars, David Hull on bass,
Tom West on Keyboards, Marty Richards on drums and percussion, and as stated above,
James Cotton on two of the tunes. This is a solid band, playin' great tunes.
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