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Memoirs of The International
Blues Challenge

Hello  Blues Affiliate, 


I know every one is gearing up for IBC in January 2015! I am seeing so many winnerís being announced on Facebook and it makes my heart smile! I canít wait for the event to get here! 


My name is Jenn Ocken and I am a photographer. You might have seen on Facebook a number of posts regarding ďBlues on Beale Street Memoirs of The International Blues ChallengeĒ photo book and our mission to raise money for The Blues Foundationís Generation Blues fund. Thank you so much if you are already sharing the information! Itís working! Please KEEP IT UP! We still have a long way to go to our final goal! 


We are currently promoting a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com. We are just 5% away from our first major goal of being 30% funded and giving this project a validation it needs to support these our efforts to raise even more money for the Blues Foundation! 

I am taking this opportunity to send each one of the affiliates of The Blues Foundation our official press release in hopes you will be inspired to post the information about our mission in your organized groups, newsletters, websites and blogs, as well as, pass it along to your members and other parties of interest, such as press publications and radio shows in your area. Attached is a documenting to help with relaying the information to others including links, details and quotes! You can also find many great posts to share on our supporting Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/documentingblues

If you would like to make your contribution to the campaign follow the link here to get one of the many perks to support our mission! http://igg.me/at/MemoirsOfIBC/x/7141433

Thanks for your time! 

Warmest, Jenn Ocken