Reviewed April 2002
The Groove Hogs
Wrong Side of the Street
Trawf Records, TRGH 113
Blues Is My Business (and business is good); Baby's Gone; Love Fever; Soul Queenie; Fool;
Positive Trip; Make Ends Meet; Listen; Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?; The Real Love;
Workin' Ev'ryday

I'm am impressed! A 10 piece band so tight it's like they're super-glued together, with excellent
vocals and musicianship throughout. Wisconsin brought us a winner!
We've got well thought out lyrics, a solid rhythm section, and a tight horn section, all blended
together to form a cohesive unit of blues power.
This is a great release. I highly recommend it. This album is one of those that would make an
excellent addition to your blues collection.
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