Reviewed February 2003
By John Millner

Moscow Boogie
2002 - Dialog Music # DM-80085
Blues Cousins
I received a CD from Russia a few days ago from a blues band called the Blues Cousins. I threw
it in the CD player and man, was I surprised! These guys rock! This is a three-piece band with
Levan Lomidze on guitar and vocals, Sergey Patrushev on the bass and Slava Ignatov on the
drums. Levan also went back and did the keyboards on a couple of songs. This band has been
together in one form or another since 1991 and has played the prestigious Blues Sur Seine
festival in France in both 2000 and 2002. Playing at Blues Sur Seine has given them the
opportunity to share the stage with some stellar US acts including Lil' Ed and Magic Slim.
The CD starts off with three numbers written by guitarist Levan Lomidze. "Girl From Russia" has
sort of a John Mayall vibe to it. "Moscow Boogie", the title track is a straight ahead, good time
boogie done Moscow style and "My Baby Is Coming Home" is a nice and slow, soothing blues.
Levan does all the lead vocals on this CD with both Sergey & Slava providing backing vocals.
"I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" is a Willie Dixon cover and these guys do it justice and more.
Track five is my personal favorite. It's a cover of a song written by E. Boyd entitled "Five Long
Years" and the Blues Cousins turn it into six and a half minutes of some of the best blues-rock
I've ever heard. Levan's guitar work on this one is just downright nasty! Next up is a B.B. King
number, "Eyes Like Cat" and it's kind of a fast, frenzied romp through the blues. "All Your Love"
is an Otis Rush/Willie Dixon song and this is the only track on which you'll hear any lyrics in
Russian. Levan does some nice piano on this one. Levan also pens the final two cuts.
"Long Time Ago" is a fast paced shuffle with some real tasty slide guitar. "Suiciders Blues" is a
really slow, almost dirge-like blues with some very spooky organ all the way through it.
Like I said, this recording was a very pleasant surprise. If you like your blues with a sharp rock
edge to it, you'll like this CD. The only way you can get one is to go to their website, and contact Levan at the email address provided. I believe there was a
slight problem with CD sales to the US but they should have that glitch taken care of soon. Just
one more item before I finish. ATTN: ALL FESTIVAL AGENTS. These guys really want to get
over here and play for us. They have come up with quite a novel and economical plan for doing
this. They were aiming for July-August-September of this year but I've told them that 2004 might
be more feasible. If you're interested, email me at or get in touch with Levan
See ya at the festivals, Bear.
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